General Election 2017: Four steps to an inclusive economy

After a year which laid bare widespread disillusionment with the status quo, people in the UK need to be offered an optimistic vision for the future, backed up by pragmatic options for how they can be the agents of positive change. That’s why all parties seem to agree that the UK needs a more inclusive economy, with more power in the hands of ordinary people.

This election gives all parties the chance to attach some real substance to their rhetoric, as we have explained in the Huffington Post.

We're offering all political parties four practical steps they can take to partner with what already works and bring a genuinely inclusive economy to life. We have already shared our proposals with contacts across the political spectrum ahead of manifestos being finalised and the election battle beginning in earnest.

"In our post-referendum politics we have the opportunity to make a strong case for co‑ops, no matter which party we’re speaking to. Co-ops must be part of a hopeful, practical offer to everyone in the UK who wants and needs change." Ed Mayo, Secretary General, Co-operatives UK

What you can do

> Share a graphic of the Four Steps to an Inclusive Economy on Facebook or Twitter.

> Send the graphic to your election candidates to highlight what they can do to support co-ops.

> Download the full Four Steps to an Inclusive Economy document.

Co-operatives UK is a leading member of the Social Economy Alliance, and will be campaigning alongside partners on a set of shared priorities.