What we want to achieve

We want to create a different kind of economy – one powered by co-operation. By working together, and harnessing the growing desire for a fairer economy, we aim to meet the following ambitious targets.

By 2018

  • Launch of National Co-operative Development Strategy
  • First people sign up to educate business networks and advisers on the co-operative
  • First new initiatives get going that are co-created by co-operatives and partners alongside this strategy

By 2020

  • One in four members of Co-operatives UK register some form of action in line with the strategy
  • A pilot ‘Replication Lab’ is under way with evidence of early impact and learning
  • Action plans are in place for work on freelancer co-operatives, social care and platform co-operatives
  • Collaborative agreements with key partners working alongside the co-operative sector
  • Pilot service in place to support co-op-to-co-op trading
  • Guidance in place for narrative reporting by co-operatives on their impact


By 2027

  • Backing from the major professional associations for the co-operative option
  • 50% increase in public perception of co-operatives as modern and innovative
  • Triple the rate of co-operative start-ups and conversions
  • Evidence in place of positive social and environmental impact (such as the engagement and dignity of people working as freelancers or people as social care users)

By 2037

  • Five out of ten people (50% of the UK population) benefit from co-operative or mutual enterprises as a member
  • One pound in ten (10% of the UK economy GDP) is generated by participative businesses such as co-operative and mutual enterprise.

Order a hard copy of the pack for your co-op, which includes a set of cards, as a creative resource that you and your co-op can use to explore actions to create a participatory economy.