People taking action now

Do it Ourselves is an invitation for people and organisations to find creative ways to create a participative economy that suit them. There are already actions and initiatives bubbling up that provide inspiration and hope.

The Co-operative Bank is supporting The Hive by Co-operatives UK, a national business support programme for co-ops - from credit unions and mutual housing to renewable energy and freelancer co-ops.

CoTech is an energetic new network of technology co-operatives, sharing work and spreading the worker co-op model, with a goal of growing 100,000 jobs in the sector by 2030.

Unicorn Grocery, one of the most admired worker co-operatives, aims to spread its model: the first test for a pilot Replication Lab at Co-operatives UK

University students, with the backing of a number of established co-ops, are leading a new wave of Student Housing Co-ops, the first a 106 bed affordable rent housing co-op in Edinburgh.

The Co-operative College is re-launching its education fund as the Future Pioneers Fund, to appeal for funds to support co-operative action from Rochdale to Sri Lanka.

Federation is an enterprise hub, set up by the Co-op Group to create an open community of digital businesses and innovators in the centre of Manchester.

Inspired by the success of agriculture co-ops in Scotland, farmers are coming together through Co-operatives UK to promote policy action in the context of Brexit.

Co-operative Development Scotland and the Wales Co-op Centre are each running programmes on enterprise co-operative consortia, bringing businesses together for purchasing, marketing and export advantage.

The Power to Change Lottery programme is backing social investment in community co-ops in England, with a £1 million pilot Community Shares Booster programme to match capital raised by members.

An invitation has gone out to Britain’s employers from ABCUL to bring staff into credit unions, with a new credit union formed for the four million people employed in the retail sector.

The opportunity to work in a co-operative way is leading hundreds of schools, education providers and public service bodies to form new mutual models, to work together on the basis of values.

Order a hard copy of the pack for your co-op, which includes a set of cards, as a creative resource that you and your co-op can use to explore actions to create a participatory economy.