A simple strategy

The strategy for a new wave of co-operation in the UK is simple in its focus, with three interlocking steps and three areas of focus.

Do it Ourselves draws on evidence and dialogue collected over a two-year period. It is reinforced by the experience of other countries where co-operatives make up a tenth of the economy overall, with benefits regarding equality and wellbeing.

The strategy itself is based on self help and mutual aid, with an open invitation for co-operatives and people supportive of co-operatives to create their own priorities and commitments in order to create the participatory economy the UK needs.

Three steps

Commit to be great at co-operation

This means living up to your own values, looking for ways to collaborate with others and choosing co-op, whether for your weekly shop or your service supplier.

Be willing to be open to new co-operation

This means having new conversations and looking for new ways to act co-operatively.

Join in campaigns for inspiring co-operation

This means having the confidence to spread the word about or campaign for co-operative action that gives you hope.

Three sectors

Early actions and partnerships will include three sectors of the future UK economy around which ambitious new solutions urgently need to be found.

Supporting freelancers to come together in today’s ‘gig’ economy

Meeting needs for social care through new models of co-operation

New digital ventures, or ‘platform co-operatives’, using new technology for shared ownership services

The strategy is an open one and calls on co-operatives to identify actions they can take to create the more participatory economy we need.You can see a range of sample actions to get you and your co-op thinking here, and find inspiration from what others are doing here.

The National Strategy Technical Report sets out, in around one hundred pages, the research, analysis and participatory planning that has fed into the core strategy.

Order a hard copy of the pack for your co-op, which includes a set of cards, as a creative resource that you and your co-op can use to explore actions to create a participatory economy.