United Oilseeds Marketing

United Oilseeds is unique within British Agriculture. Started in the late 1960's by a small group of Hampshire farmers looking for a break crop from continuous barley, United Oilseeds was formed to develop and market their rapeseed crop. It has since grown to be one of the largest and most successful specialist farmer co-operatives in Great Britain. Staying true to this original vision has seen the crops popularity and membership expand dramatically, such that today United Oilseeds represents over 3,000 members - marketing their crop and providing seed & advice. United Oilseeds uses this collective strength to negotiate on behalf of its members on marketing, seeds and legislation, ensuring its members are fully represented in the industry and receive guidance on key issues affecting their crops.

Trading Address
St James House
Gains Lane
SN10 1FB
United Kingdom
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Updated: 03/06/2020