TIGER (Teaching Individuals Gender Equality and Respect)

Trading address:
111 Cromwell Road
St. Andrews
Community, Education and Learning

TIGER (Teaching Individuals Gender Equality & Respect) is a Bristol based not-for-profit co-operative which runs workshops on key gender equality issues such as sexist language, stereotypes, bullying, consent, lad culture and the limited portrayals of gender in the media. We aim to tackle sexism and gender inequality in society by empowering young people to recognise and speak out against it.

We strive to improve mental health and well-being through our wide range of training and workshops for schools, youth groups and also businesses, by exploring and challenging the impact that different strands of gender biases and discrimination can have in the school environment and in the workplace. In doing this we aim to push for higher aspiration amongst young people and increase productivity for staff in the workplace.