Solesco Co-operative

Trading address:
5 Margaret Close
Bognor Regis
West Sussex
PO21 3AA
Community, Utilities

Can you imagine a future where all of the energy that we need is derived from the renewable resources that surround us in our own community: the sun, the sea, the rivers, the wind, the woods and fields? This is a future that has motivated the formation of energy co-op, SOLESCO.

Solesco is a community energy co-operative which aims to develop and manage a series of renewable energy installations in West Sussex, particularly in the Arun and Chichester Districts.

Solesco provides residents with an opportunity to make an ethical, ecologically sound investment which is visible to the local community.

It provides landlords and building owners with an opportunity to reduce their carbon emissions whilst benefitting from cheaper electricity on a firm-price contract for 20 years typically.

Solesco’s financial model is based on an effective, proven model which has been employed successfully elsewhere in Britain and in Europe.