New Era Enterprises

Trading address:
Chapel Annexe
Chapel Place
Hammerton Street
BB11 1LE

New Era is a dynamic, co-operatively run local business based in Burnley. We work to promote community development and employment prospects for the people of East Lancashire, and specifically Burnley, Pendle & Rossendale. New Era is a community business that promotes a wide range of community based regeneration and economic development, primarily in and around East Lancashire.Although constituted as a business, its ethos is much more about improving the lives of local people than making money for itself. Its aim is to provide a service, which supports the growth of skills and networks so that people are able to initiate and participate in their own and their community's development. This is achieved by working at a neighbourhood level, within a vision of equal opportunity and sustainability. New Era manages varied community development, training and employment projects, and more significantly, enables local residents to successfully develop and manage their own.New Era Enterprises (E