The Media Fund

Trading address:
2 Thorlby Road
Community, Creative

The Media Fund is a permanent online crowdfund that allows you to directly support independent media teams. We function as a central hub for alternative media – providing regular digests of key stories from across indie news sources, and allowing for maximum simplicity in setting up regular donations to your favourite sites.

We believe that the current media system in the UK is simply not fit for purpose – out of touch, and in the pocket of billionaire moguls. We want an independent, diverse, and pluralistic media free from corporate and government influence. Much of the basic infrastructure for such a revolutionised media landscape is already in place – but alternative media organisations keep coming up against the obstacle of funding. That’s where you come in.

By donating at least £1 a month or more you become a member of the Media Fund, with an equal vote in our AGM. You can choose your favourite media organisations from our quality-approved list and every pound you donate will go straight to the organisations you choose at the end of the month. All you need to do is set up one direct debit, and we’ll do the rest – apportioning out the money to the relevant organisations in accordance with your wishes.

The Media Fund also runs media training workshops for activist and alternative media groups – on interview techniques, how to manage social media, and how to get your stories onto mainstream and independent news platforms.