Papay Community Co-operative

The Papay Community Cooperative is an island cooperative serving a fragile community that depends heavily on the services provided by the cooperative.
The cooperative operates and runs:

• the only island shop, which is open every day except Sunday, and which sells a wide range of produce, including fresh and preserved food, fuel and basic utilities;
• the only island hostel, open all year round to visitors;
• a community function room, with facilities for dining, licensed bar, local cinema, local dances and functions such as wedding receptions and anniversaries;
• school transport.

All these services are operated as lifeline services for an isolated small community (population of around 80) on one of Orkney’s smaller island primarily for the benefit of all islanders. However, these services also benefit visitors to the island, and by default Orkney as a whole, noting the important cultural, historical and nature values of Papa Westray to the overall tourism experience that Orkney has to offer.

Trading Address
Beltane House
Papa Westray
Orkney Islands
KW17 2BU
United Kingdom
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Updated: 28/02/2020