Oldham Community Leisure

OCL is a community benefit society incorporated under the Industrial and Provident societies Act 1965. It is an independent legal entity, separate from Oldham Council.It has its registered office at Oldham Sports Centre reg no 29372R, and its web address at OCL is organisedThe Chief Executive is responsible for the day to day management of OCL's affairs, and he is accountable to the Board of Directors, who appoint, remove and fix the Chief Executive's terms and conditions of employment.The Board of Directors ensures that OCL conducts its affairs in accordance with its stated purpose. It sets the policies, strategies and objectives, and then supervises the Chief Executive and his staff who are responsible for delivering them. The Board is accountable to the members through elections and the power of removal.

Trading Address
Oldham Sports Centre
Lord Street
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom
Directory Category
Social and leisure
Updated: 30/10/2019