Greater Manchester Community Renewables

Greater Manchester Community Renewables (GMCR) is a community benefit society run by volunteers to install community owned renewable energy across Greater Manchester. This is modeled on the success stories of other community energy projects, including Bath and West Community Energy, who are providing peer mentor-ship support to GMCR.

GMCR will invest in solar panels, funded through a community share issue. Income will be generated from the Feed in Tariff and the sale of the electricity generated by the panels at a discounted rate to the building users. Members of the community who buy shares will receive interest paid annually on the shares. The panels are held for the benefit of the community; profits are not distributed amongst the investors, but are available for further carbon reduction, energy efficiency and environmental education projects.

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Green Fish Resource Centre
46-50 Oldham Street
M4 1LE
United Kingdom
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Updated: 24/09/2019