Cornerstone Housing Co-operative

Established in 1993, Cornerstone have two three story Victorian houses in Chapeltown, (an ethnicly diverse and run-down area of) Leeds. Both houses need a lot of maintenance, but have large gardens front and back, where the odd co-op member does their best to create beautiful and productive landscapes. We house up to twelve people between the two houses and there are often short and long-term visitors swelling our numbers. Members spend their time studying, gardening, printing, Diy, squatted social centres, campaigning on peace, environmental, social and animal rights issues. One property houses a large number of cats while the other is pet free. Evening meals are vegan and communal. Footprint workers co-op are based in one of the houses and serves as a source of income for 3 of the members of the housing co-op. We are also the enquiries point for Radical Routes publications.

Trading Address
16 Sholebroke Avenue
United Kingdom
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Updated: 03/06/2020