Equinox Housing Co-operative

Trading address:
161 Hamilton Road
M13 0PQ

Equinox Housing Cooperative was born in 1994 from a small group of people involved in campaigning on the environment and young people's rights. We were putting a lot of energy and time into trying to stop various abuses of people and planet and felt we were having a real effect. It's not enough to simply say 'stop'! We need to build positive visions and structures as the forces of capitalism will always portray us as mad, impossible dreamers. Dreamers we are, mad we are not. Creating a different society based on cooperation not competition, support not exploitation is not impossible, it's the only answer for a future worth living in and we have to start creating it now. So in June 1995, to provide a stable home for campaigners, workshops and a resource centre for like minded people; to try out 'green' building practices and living co-operatively, we bought a house. We are 7 members and a dog, who when not fixing the roof (still) or building (still), are involved in environmental, gene