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The Da Vinci Community Co-operative Trust

What are trust schools?

Local authority foundation schools which are supported by a charitable foundation – a trust.
Foundation trust schools are maintained by the Local Authority but have charitable status, own the land and assets, employ the staff and are responsible for admissions. In this way it is similar to a voluntary aided school.

The trust is made up of the school or schools and partner organisations working together for the benefit of the trust. A cluster trust may be formed to include more than one trust school, for example a secondary school and its partner primaries.
The trust appoints some of the governors (a minority) and holds the land and assets in trust for the benefit of the school. The governing body of the school retains full powers over the strategic direction and governance the school.

What is different about a co-operative trust?
A co-operative trust operates in the same way as an ordinary trust but with some extra features: Co-operative Values

Co-operative Trusts are underpinned by the Co-operative Values of:

*Self- help

All partner organisations and members have a shared interest in promoting and supporting these values.

A co-operative trust is a mutual society. In effect, the trust belongs to its members. Anyone with an interest in the success of the school(s) and who subscribes to the cooperative values noted above, can become a cooperative trust member. This could include students, staff, parents & community groups. Members have a share in the trust and can attend a members' forum which holds the Trust Board to account and elects representatives onto the Trust Board. Members may also benefit from discounts, goods or services in kind provided by partners or other members.