Chipping Sodbury School Co-operative Trust

Trading address:
Bowling Road
Chipping Sodbury
South Gloucestershire
BS37 6EW
Education and Learning

The “Chipping Sodbury School Co-operative Trust” partner organisations work in partnership and collaboration with the school.

The key aims of the trust are:
*to help accelerate and sustain the progress towards higher attainment and achievement
*to raise students’ aspirations and open their eyes to the vast array of opportunities in the modern world by further developing a stronger collaborative approach which draws on a rich range of partnerships in the community
*to develop our curriculum through co-operative learning and the use of new technologies, thereby enriching the learning experience of all students
*to develop an outstanding learning environment equipped and fit for the 21st century.
*to build an effective, coherent and inspiring learning journey for all Chipping Sodbury School students – with transition from primary schools to Higher Education and highly skilled jobs.
*to enable closer, collaborative working with the community and other partners.
*to empower young people to fully engage in the leadership and development of their school and local community.