Brithdir Mawr Community Benefit Society

Trading address:
Brithdir Mawr
Cilgwyn Road
SA42 0QJ

At Brithdir Mawr, we try to live our lives working with rather than against nature: husbanding goats, ducks, chickens and bees to provide us with milk, eggs and honey; producing organic fruit and veg in polytunnels and large gardens.

We coppice wood for fuel, bake bread, preserve produce, and use our own materials such as wood and willow for craftwork. We take care of the land, recycle and conserve resources, garden and farm according to organic principles, use compost loos and are off the grid for electricity and water.

Being a community is a large part of what we do.

To sum up the rest; we are striving towards a life in which our footprints are as light as they can be.

In the course of our communal and personal lives we choose to consider our decisions with these 3 principles in mind:


To work towards a lifestyle that leaves the environment - both local and global - better, or at least no worse, at the end of our lives.


To live such that the benefits of collective living outweigh the difficulties; so that working together is easier and more enjoyable than working separately; so that we will all flourish and feel at home.


To share and exchange skills and experience to help both others and ourselves move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.