HR policy

Through our HR package, we offer a comprehensive service to help members adopt, develop and maintain HR best practice. From policy audits to updates and training, we are here to ensure our members' employees benefit from superb HR. 


When you sign-up to the HR package, we will meet with you to benchmark your current HR policies and contracts, and develop recommendations to add value to your organisation. We will support you in deciding what is needed next and provide all the content you need.

"Co-operatives UK has such a huge experience, knowledge and understanding of co-operatives they deliver to us sound and pragmatic guidance in developing HR policy." Heather Lee, Head of people and performance, Lincolnshire Co-operative 

Advice and guidance

Co-operatives UK is on hand, Monday to Friday, to discuss your requirements and provide support in policy development. Our templates are available, but added value is provided through support in developing bespoke documents which are a perfect fit with your co-operative.

Training and updates

You will be invited to join the HR Practitioners Forum, which is open to those responsible for human resources. In larger organisations, your HR teams can join too. Through this forum, we channel regular updates on best practice and legislative developments, in addition to training courses on important HR policy areas.

Online resources

To guide members through HR procedures, our exclusive partnership with XpertHR gives you access to 31 interactive flowcharts, more than 950 model policies, contracts, letters and forms, plus audio and video guides, commentary and analysis, FAQs, case studies and a good practice manual. One licence for the most comprehensive source of HR compliance, good practice and benchmarking information is supplied to every organisation that signs-up to the HR package, with additional licences granted per 1,000 employees.

For a quote for an HR package for your co-operative, or for more information, contact Tim Knowles, head of HR services, on 0161 214 1783 / 07793 314 019 or via [email protected].