Advice to develop and grow your co-operative

Co-operatives UK's Advice Team offer a variety of services to help your co-operative develop and grow.  Here we provide an outline of our most popular services.

Governing document amendments

Whether you wish to make a minor change or want to completely revise your co-operative's governing document, we are well placed to provide the correct advice to ensure that your governing document is fit for purpose and continues to support your co-operative business.

"The Advice Team gave us quality, professional advice and really understood our needs as a member-owned, co-operative club." Andy Walsh, FC United of Manchester General Manager

Governance audit

As your co-operative business grows and develops, its governance needs and processes will inevitably change. The Advice Team are ideally placed to help you with a comprehensive review of your co-operative governance practices and processes to ensure that these complement your future business needs.

Governance reviews

Has your co-operative's governing body changed?  Does the quorum for general meetings work?  It is easy to lose sight of these details as your co-operative grows and develops.  The Advice Team can help you re-connect your co-operative business practice with your governance structure.

"Plymouth Energy Community could not have grown so quickly or effectively without the support of the Co-operatives UK Advice Team. They have been with us on our journey since the outset, and have consistently provided timely, constructive and accessible guidance around our challenges in setting up and running a community owned enterprise.”  Alistair MacPherson, CEO, Plymouth Energy Community

Training and events

Just appointed a new director or secretary, or want to support your existing Board and Secretary in understanding their role and responsibilities?  Our regular training sessions and events will help your co-operative to support those people in these roles.  We welcome requests for bespoke training to help support the particular governance needs of your co-operative.

Governance policies

The governing document is just one element of co-operative governance. Co-operatives often need additional policies, such as a member agreement or secondary rules, to enable governance processes to work well. The Advice Team are ideally placed to work with you to develop these policies.

Arbitration and mediation

Conflict can arise in any business and co-operatives are not immune to its effects.  The Advice Team are on hand to offer a conflict resolution service to support you through a time of conflict within your co-operative.


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