Co-operative Corporate Governance Code

This code is a tool to help you chart what good practice can look like. It was first launched by Co-operatives UK in 1996 and it has evolved since then. This new iteration reflects a twin focus on best practice in terms of democracy and the quality of leadership that emerges through good governance.

For the first time, the code is applicable to all types and sizes of co-ops, although some may choose to use it differently to others. It offers a set of principles that all co-ops can reflect upon and use to encourage and enable good governance practice – operating on a comply or explain basis.

Read and download the Co-operative Corporate Governance Code.

"At the heart of the co-operative model is the idea of member participation – the idea that a business can be run with a focus on the interests of members; people who in one way or another are involved directly in the business. So, while good governance takes care and effort in any enterprise, however large or small, it has particular importance in a co-operative." Nick Money, Co-operative Governance Expert Reference Panel

Alongside the code we have a range of appendices, covering roles and responsibilities for various key roles including a co-op secretary, co-op directors and co-op chairs; terms of reference for a range of committees; codes of conduct for directors; model induction checklists; and whistleblowing. The appendices can be found here.

For advice on adopting the Co-operative Corporate Governance Code ring the Co-operatives UK advice team on 0161 214 1772 or email [email protected].