Presentations from Congress 2017

Click on the session titles to view and download presentations from Congress 2017.

Major Hall 

Dame Pauline Green - Launch of National Co-operative Development Strategy

Andy Wightman, Scottish Greens - Re-imagaining the Economy

Ibon Zugasti, Mondragon - Re-imagaining the Economy

Jonathan Lindh, Leeds Community Homes - Re-imagining Housing

Andy Edwards, Transition by Design and Gemma Jerome, Terrace 21 MHOS - Re-imagining Housing

Jenny Carlyle, Suma - Inspirational Co-operative Stories


Colin Wilkes, The Schools Co-operative Society and Dr Cilla Ross, Co-op College - Re-imagining Education

Jane Powell, Lincolnshire Co-operative, Ross Hodgson, Suma and Emma Laycock, Co-operatives UK - Re-imagining the Board

Paul Gerrard, The Co-op Group - Re-imagining Co-ops as Agents for Social Change

Kayleigh Walsh, Outlandish - Re-imagining the Technology Sector