Co-operative Development Strategy

At Congress 2016, Dame Pauline Green will introduce a draft framework for a co-operative development strategy. Following this, there will be sessions to discuss and refine the framework throughout the day on 18 June.

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Theme 1: Embrace co-operative excellence 

  • We have an extraordinary opportunity to build for success if the 7,000 co-operatives in the UK, with a turnover of £37 billion, choose to embrace co-operative excellence.  This includes commercial performance, member engagement and integrity against values. The single most important factor that can support achievement in relation to these is outstanding leadership and governance.
  • What do we need to achieve this? What practical actions can co-operatives large and small take to embrace co-operative excellence?

Theme 2: Practice co-operation among co-operatives

  • The most effective way to widen co-operative enterprise is to harness some of the muscle and voluntary spending power of existing co-operatives, by being creative but rigorous in terms of being open to high quality results from fellow co-operatives or new co-operative ventures.
  • What can we put in place to encourage more co-operation among co-operatives? What would make it easier, and more widespread?

Theme 3: Be open to innovation

  • Tomorrow’s co-operatives which will extend the control people have over things that matter to them will emerge from innovation today, and we know that the engagement and support of existing co-operatives has a proven track record in terms of outstanding new co-operatives.
  • What do we need to do to ensure co-operatives are open to innovation? And what do we need to do make sure that people can benefit from and lead new forms of co-operative innovation?

This is a really unique opportunity to get involved in what could be an exciting venture for the co-op sector. This is just the start, but together we will create a co-operative development strategy that will enable more people to work together and take control of the things that matter to them.

The co-operative development strategy will be created with people from across the co-operative and wider social economy sector through interviews, an online census of co-ops large and small, as well as the workshop sessions at Congress on 18 June. 

Hear more from Dame Pauline Green in a short video over on the co-operative development strategy website, and read more about how you can get involved.

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