Press release

Relationship between engagement and performance - some surprising results from Mondragon

What can a study of the world's largest worker co-operative tell us about the relation between engagement and performance?

The theory suggests higher overall people engagement contributes positively to higher organisational performance. Professor Unai Eroski, Lecturer on HR Management at Mondragon University, will explore this theory using empirical evidence from the Mondragon Group (including consumer retailer Eroski). The Mondragon Group boasts production subsidiaries and corporate offices in 41 countries and sales - $15.7bn in 2014 according to the World Co-operative Monitor - in more than 150.

The Mondragon Group has proven itself more resilient to austerity measures and less affected by unemployment figures. But what about engagement and productivity levels? Professor Eroski will discuss the relationship, and the implications for retail stores, at the Co-operative Retail Conference in March. And conference delegates may be surprised by some of the findings.   

Professor Eroski said: "In some sectors evidence was found that people engagement is positively related to higher organisational productivity, confirming the theory. However, in other sectors clear evidence was found about just the opposite relationship."