Co-operative Retail Conference 2020 session descriptions

Session topics at the 2020 conference include:

Keeping Pace with the British Shopper

As customers increasingly become more health and environmentally conscious, retailers must prepare for a continual shift in behaviours and attitudes over the next five to 10 years. During this session Rhian Thomas, Head of Shopper Insight at food and grocery industry experts IGD, will share research gathered via their analysis tool ShopperVista and put the spotlight on emerging trends and challenges faced by retailers.
Rhian Thomas, IGD

Co-op Sourcing Differences

Sourcing from local and ethical suppliers helps co-operatives differentiate from other retailers - creating and reinforcing the view that co-ops are ethical retailers who do more for the communities in which they operate. In this session you will hear from The Co-op Group's Michael Fletcher on how one of the world's largest consumer co-operatives sources products and complies to industry standards. 
Michael Fletcher, The Co-op Group

Plant Based Diets and Refill Stations: Adapting to Changing Tastes

The emergence of plant based diets into the mainstream has been one of the biggest shifts in the retail sector over the last eighteen months. With a doubling in demand for cruelty free home and body care, and a three-fold increase in the number of vegans, it’s predicted that flexitarians will account for half the adult population of the UK by 2025.

How can co-operative retailers respond to this demand? This session from Suma, the UK’s largest worker owned co-op which has been leading the way in these categories for decades, outlines some of the big trends it’s seeing. From vegan and plant based innovations, natural body care options and a refill and re-use revolution ready for the taking, this presentation will offer guidance on strategic and practical ways to help retailers ensure they’re offering relevant ranges to the growing number of people adopting plant based diets.
Andrew Mac, Suma

The Future of Membership

The relationship with members is fundamentally changing through factors like increased automation and digital solutions. Members can seem more distant while competition remains as fierce, if not fiercer than ever. East of England Co-operative's Chris Matthews​ and Midcounties' Melody Ageuro​ will explore the challenges and strategic decisions required to ensure co-operatives remain relevant to customers and membership is kept at the heart of the business model.
Chris Matthews, East of England
Melody Aguero, Midcounties

Employee Engagement

All businesses are facing challenges in their workforce.  Good employee engagement and motivation strategies are crucial to improving productivity and accessibility to information.   The session will focus on those strategies, as we hear from Engage Solutions Group, solution provider of the Engage Success Platform, on how it’s developed a cloud-based solution on which to build your engagement strategy and Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd on how they’ve implemented their version of the solution, TogetherApp, across all of its business areas providing accessibility to 2800+ colleagues as part of their engagement strategy.
Fay Bocock, Lincolnshire Co-operative
Peter Motley, Lincolnshire Co-operative

What's Happening in European Markets?

Consumer Co-operatives across Europe are facing different challenges and trends to UK market. Join us as we're updated from FNCC (French Federation of Consumer Co-operatives) and ZDK (Syndicate of Consumer Co-operatives in Germany) on what is currently happening in other European markets.
Pelletier Loic, FNCC
Olivier Mugnier, FNCC
Mathias Fiedler, ZDK

Consultation on Global Policy

Consumer Co-operatives Worldwide (CCW) represents the interests of 28 national consumer co-op networks across the globe - covering some 75 million individual members. CCW is undertaking work to assess regulatory, legislative and policy barriers for co-operatives. This interactive session will examine the importance of CCW's work; why it's relevant to the UK's consumer co-operatives; how we can influence future work and also act on any findings. 
Nick Matthews, Co-operatives UK
Peter Hunt, Mutuo