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Co-operatives UK annual general meeting (AGM)

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is one of the primary ways in which member organisations can participate in the democracy of Co‑operatives UK. The AGM is a fantastic opportunity for you, our members...

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Could you make a real difference at Co‑operatives UK? Have you got the passion, skills and commitment we need to help drive the co‑operative sector forward? We need talented candidates who will add...

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Making membership work

Members are the lifeblood of a co-operative and are critical to its success. It is important to keep members engaged as your co-operative grows and develops. The ultimate aim of a well-functioning co...


What is a co-operative?

A short film explaining what a co-operative is, their performance in 2015 and and what a difference they can make to people by giving them control over things that matter to them.