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Nominate your Co-op of the Year

Know a co-op or co-operator you think deserves to scoop a Co-op of the Year Award? Now’s your chance to nominate them for our prestigious awards. 

How to nominate a co-op or individual

Complete the form below explaining in 250 words or less why you are nominating the co-operative and/or individual.

  • The co-op(s) nominated must be a member of Co-operatives UK and cannot have won an award in 2019. 
  • Co-operator of the Year Award nominees must be affiliated with a Co-operatives UK member co-op.
  • Co-op Council of the Year Award nominees must be Council members of the Co-op Councils' Innovation Network (CCIN), who have not previously won this award.

The co‑op(s) nominated must be a member of Co‑operatives UK and cannot have won an award in 2019*:

  • Leading Co‑op of the Year: Co‑op Group
  • Inspiring Co‑op of the Year: The Schools Energy Co‑op
  • Breakthrough Co‑op of the Year: Bristol Wood Recycling Project
  • Co‑operative Council of the Year: South Tyneside Council
  • Co‑operator of the Year: Lorraine Power
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Roger Sawtell

* The Awards did not take place in 2020 due to Covid‑19.

What makes a good nomination?

The best nominations will persuade someone who doesn’t know the co-op to vote for it. Fast growth? Profitable? Innovative? Great member involvement? Excellent products? Making a difference? It’s your decision as to why the co-op deserves the nomination. The key is to convince others to vote.

For individual Co-operator of the Year Awards, we are looking for people who really embody the co-op values and principles. Are they an inspirational mentor? Great at encouraging co-operation amongst co-ops? Dedicated to co-op education? Let us know what difference they have made to the UK co-op movement.

You can submit as many nominations as you like. Just complete one form per entry. 

Your details
Please use 250 words or less.
Which award category do you think they fit?

How we use your data

Co-operatives UK will store your nomination and information for the duration of the Co-op of the Year Awards process 2021. Co‑operatives UK will not share your email address or any other personal details with third parties. Only your nomination will be shared with the judging panel. Read our privacy policy

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