The co‑operative census: An introduction

Thank you to everyone who completed the co-operative census. The census closed on 31 October 2016.

From employee-owned businesses and farmer controlled organisations through to working men’s clubs and allotment societies, there are 7,000 across the UK.

Between mid July and the end of October we have been running the first ever census of co‑operatively run member-owned organisations in the UK. It aims to help us understand how member owned businesses are faring – what’s working, what the challenges are, where they would like to be, what they need to get there. The results will help inform a new national co‑operative development strategy intended to help us prioritise where to focus our energies if we want to strengthen and grow the UK’s co‑operative sector.

The results will be published later in 2016 and used to inform the creation of a National Co‑operative Development Strategy to help direct the sector’s approach to strengthening and growing the UK’s co‑operative businesses over the coming years. The strategy will be completed by the end of 2016 and you can read more about it online. 

The census closed on 31 October, thank you to all respondents. The final census report is available here.