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Co-operative approaches to wellbeing (position paper)

The long-awaited and repeatedly delayed Green Paper on social care for older people and “parallel process” for care and wellbeing support for working age adults are now scheduled for publication in...


CQC The state of adult social care services 2014 to 2017: reflections from a co-operative care perspective

This paper reflects on the latest CQC report from a co-operative care perspective. Reports such as these frame and influence the public and political discourse around care and welling. Knowing what...

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Guest blog: participatory care services for the twenty first century

In the run up to our next forum on co-operative approaches to care, one of the UK’s leading authorities on participation in public services, Peter Beresford, argues for user and worker led social...


Self-managed care: two years action research

From 2006-09 Co-operatives UK and the Department for Health conducted an action research project, which led to the development of the UK's first multi-stakeholder care co-ops.