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Fifty co-operative innovations for a new economy

A new book outlining 50 innovations to boost the British economy was launched today (1 July) at Westminster by the network for co-operative businesses, Co-operatives UK. Based on three years of...

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MPs and policy makers back co-operative innovation

The chief executive of The Co-operative Group , a director of the social care co-op Leading Lives and the head of Co-operative Energy joined politicians and policy makers at a roundtable on 2 July (...

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Recipe for bringing values to life in business revealed in Ed Mayo’s new book

The latest book by Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, will be launched later this month, appropriately enough on the first ever World Values Day on 20 October. From recruiting to...

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Speaker profile: Richard Murphy on tax, ethics and economics

With tax avoidance again on the news agenda, the leading tax expert Richard Murphy looks at tax, ethics and the challenges co-operatives are likely to face in the coming years.

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The ownership agenda 30 years on: seven key trends

Private rented housing, family businesses and co-operative ownership are on the rise. Social housing and individual share ownership are in decline. And home ownership has flatlined. The last 30 years...


What is a co-operative - leaflet

What if you had more control over the things that matter to you – your workplace, your football club, your mobile phone provider? From the outside a co-operative might look like any other business...


What is a co-operative?

A short film explaining what a co-operative is, their performance in 2015 and and what a difference they can make to people by giving them control over things that matter to them.