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A collaboration between Co-operatives UK, Power to Change and the Mayor of London

Boosting Community Business London – application form

Below is the application form for Track 2: Start‑up support application form for the Boosting Community Business London programme. 

Have you read the application guidance?

Please read the guidance before starting the application. It includes a preview of the questions and there will be information you need before you start the application form.

Application form

If you experience any technical issues whilst completing this form, please contact [email protected]

Privacy statement
The information captured in this application form will help Co-operatives UK, Power to Change and our funding partner The Mayor of London to review and make a decision on your application.
Co-operatives UK is committed to processing information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in line with our privacy policy The personal data collected in this form will be held securely and will only be used for administrative purposes. You are welcome to contact us to discuss the data we hold on you at any time.
You must tick the boxes below otherwise we cannot process your application for support.

Organisation information

Contact details

Organisation address details

Social media
Co-operatives UK would like to follow/engage with you on your journey through this process. Please help us do this by providing as many of the below social media links as you can. These links will also help us to assess your application and understand more about your group/business.

Trade sector

Other funding and support
Have you received any other funding or support, or are you currently applying for support or funding, for example from Power to Change over the past 12 months? If so please provide details of the funder and the name of the programme and the values below.
Funder Description of funding Value Is this funding secured?
Please only type in a number in the value column. The value field will not accept '£' signs, commas or any other symbols.
Current legal form


Community shares refers to non-transferable withdrawable share capital; a form of share capital unique to co-operative and community benefit society legislation. This type of share capital can only be issued by co-operative societies and community benefit societies, including charitable community benefit societies. You can find more information about converting your legal form here 

By 'active' we mean currently trading.

Community business description

  • Please provide a brief description of your community business and its overarching aims.
  • How long have you been working on this and what have you achieved so far?
  • Please describe the project or business that your community share offer intends to support?

Max 350 words
Covid-19 impact

Max 300 words
Community business aims/brief description

Max 80 words
Your eligibility
Please complete the following questions to demonstrate how your group meets the four key features of a community business
Please ensure you have read the relevant section of the guidance before completing this section.
Click on this link for guidance on Power to Change's definition of a community business.

Max 300 words

Max 300 words

Max 300 words

Max 300 words
Customers and users
  • Who are the people you are trying to help? Are they from a specific age group, gender, community? What are their needs?
  • Why are these needs not being met elsewhere? Why is your organisation well placed to meet these needs?
  • How will your project work to include groups which may, in the absence of such effort, be excluded from participation in your project? For example, people with disabilities.
  • If your community business is working with a specific group, e.g. people who are long-term unemployed, how does your work affect others in your local area? Do other people in the local area benefit from your work?
  • How many customers or users? What are their demographics?

Max 300 words

You can select more than one

Please select which Power to Change impact goals you will contribute towards. Please select one primary goal and one secondary goal:

Primary charitable purpose

Your area
  • Please provide up to three full postcode(s) that are representative of the areas that your community business is or will be engaging with or working in.
  • We can only support community businesses located within Greater London Authority areas and where the majority of the beneficiaries are located in specific postcodes local to the Greater London Authority area.

Max 250 words
Tell us about that area. What are the issues people face in the area that you are working in
IMD Decile

We also need to know the level of deprivation of your area, as defined by the index of multiple deprivation (IMD). Using your primary postcode, please indicate the level of deprivation of the neighbourhood that the organisation is active in, as recorded by the national Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD). This information can be sourced using this map - entering the appropriate postcode and then selecting the deprivation level it identifies for the neighbourhood e.g. “30% most deprived” from the dropdown above.
Products and services

Max 350 words
If your organisation is raising investment to purchase and/or refurbish a building, Power to Change expects the refurbished building to be accessible to people with disabilities and compliant with all relevant legislation. Read our disability inclusion guidance on ensuring your community business is accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities, including being legally compliant.

Please click here for more information

Testing and viability
  • How have you tested your business idea? 
  • What evidence can you provide? This can be market research, feasibility study or a prototype. 
  • Are you filling a gap in the market, offering something new?
  • Have you undertaken any community engagement?  (pledges, surveys, social media, crowdfunding) 
  • Have you drafted a business plan?
  • Have you produced financial forecasts, cashflow?
  • What are the likely risks, main barriers? 

Max 300 words
Community shares

Max 150 words

Please only enter numbers - no symbols (£)

Max 150 words

Max 150 words


Number of staff
How many employees, volunteers or members do you currently have? Please only insert numbers, no text. If there are none please enter 0: 
How did you hear about us

Supporting documents

To upload more than one file please click on 'Add another response'. You can upload a maximum of 30MB in total.
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Follow up call
We would like to arrange a short 15-30 min phone call with you to discuss your application. Please arrange a time via this link

Form Submission
If you are happy with the details completed on this form, you can now submit the form. If you wish to check any details before you submit, click the previous page button. Once you have submitted this form you will be sent a confirmation email with a pdf copy of your application. 

If you experience any technical issues whilst completing this form, please contact [email protected]