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Anthony Collins Solicitors outline some of the key elements co‑ops should consider the impacts of the Brexit UK‑EU trade and co‑operation agreement which came into place on 31 December 2020.
3 months ago
Policy blog number 20: A new hope
At the rate we’re going, co-ops will be a powerful democratising force in the economy around the year 2120. But we can't wait 100 years. To spread the benefits of economic democracy quickly and at…
4 months ago
Recently we advised a Co‑operatives UK member as to whether they needed permission to play music in their premises. In this article, we share some useful information about the authorisations needed…
10 months ago
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An accurate Register of Members protects a society or a company from divisive, costly, and complex disputes. Conscientiously maintaining the register is good practice – here's our guide to how... 
1 year ago