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International Co-operative Working Group at Co-op Congress 2022
Today is July 2. It is the International Day of Co-operatives – the 100th one in fact. It is a day of celebration – to show people in the UK and across the world about the unique contribution of…
4 months ago
Rose Marley, CEO, Co-operatives UK
As Co-operatives UK launches it's new three-year strategy and new look branding, CEO Rose Marley explains the thinking behind this approach.
8 months ago
Policy Blog 25
When Michael Gove stood at the dispatch box and said government’s flagship Levelling Up White Paper was a strategy “to shift wealth and power decisively towards working people” I had to stop and…
9 months ago
Rose Marley appeared on Sky News
Rose Marley summarises and reflects on what we have achieved together as a UK co-operative movement in 2021, her first year as CEO
11 months ago