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Whilst the initial post-Brexit period focused on the import and export of goods, questions are turning to the transfer of data and the impact of Brexit on information governance.
3 months ago
Policy blog: Hitting the ground running
Across the UK politicians from a range of parties have just been elected with commitments to support co-ops and a more democratic economy. We are already reaching out to offer our help, so politicians…
4 months ago
Fan-owned football club
Community ownership has been one of the biggest democratising forces in our economy, from farming to football. The UK government’s new Community Ownership Fund could help spread the benefits further,…
5 months ago
Policy blog number 20: A new hope
At the rate we’re going, co-ops will be a powerful democratising force in the economy around the year 2120. But we can't wait 100 years. To spread the benefits of economic democracy quickly and at…
9 months ago
Platform Co-operatives Now! An online course
Content by Unfound
Co‑operatives UK is supporting UK participants as a local partner for the second edition of the Platform Co‑ops Now! course.
11 months ago
The Hive in partnership with The Co-operative Bank
Content by The Hive
Read this informative Q&A with Co-operatives UK’s Co‑operative Development Manager Petra Morris, for advice on putting in a good application to The Hive – and answers to some of the common…
2 years ago