Community benefit societies


Type: Practical guides  |  Topic: Governance  |  Format: Information sheet

Community benefit societies: What, why and how to start or convert to one.

More and more social economy organisations and charities are forming or converting to a community benefit society. From local community organisations to high profile charities, they offer a way to boost community engagement, raise finance and secure charitable status and confidence from investors.

Designed for people intersted in running an organisation for the benefit of a community and exploring the best approach to doing it, this short guide expains:

  • What a community benefit society is
  • Why you might want to start or convert to one
  • How to start or convert to one
  • And where to get support

Co-operatives UK is a pioneer in community benefit societies, and has advised some of the first and highest profile conversions from charities.

If you are interested in a community benefit society then please contact our advice team on [email protected] or 0161 214 1750.