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Agricultural co-operatives briefing 2015

A short briefing document for policy makers outlining the background, benefits and opportunities for agricultural co-operatives in the UK.

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Agricultural co-operatives working together to help the industry deal with Brexit

Brexit poses a particular challenge to the agricultural industry. Co-operatives UK is working with agricultural co-operatives to develop a co-ordinated approach, with a set of priority actions...


Agricultural package leaflet

A short leaflet setting out how an agricultural membership package with Co-operatives UK can help you can get ahead. We know that as a farmer controlled business you have unique needs, from...

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Making the case for agricultural co-ops in Defra

The public policy case for co-operation in agriculture seems stronger than ever. Inside the EU the Commission is making noises about strengthening the role of agricultural co-operatives in redressing...

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New programme for agricultural co‑operatives launched

Co-operatives UK formally launches its new membership package for agricultural co-operatives at the Oxford Farming Conference taking place this week (5 to 7 January). The package has been designed...