Help to start a co‑op

If you're looking to start a co‑op, or ready to register, we have a range of support available for you. Below gives an overview of the advice and support available from Co‑operatives UK.

Register a co‑op

We offer a comprehensive registration service for new co‑operatives, including advice on adopting the right legal form, the provision of model and bespoke governing documents and a complete registration service.

We also advise on charity registrations, ensuring the correct governance arrangements are in place and completing applications on the organisation's behalf.

Unsure? Get in touch to discuss your needs and we can advise you of the best options for your co‑op


Co‑operatives UK, alongside our partner providers, offer expert advice on whether converting to a co-operative is the right option. If converting will benefit your business, we will guide you through all the processes to make your co‑operative a reality. Price on application. Contact us.

You can also read some information about conversions, and watch a short video, via The Hive website.

The Hive, our business support programme with The Co‑operative Bank, has a number of free resources and direct support available for start-ups:

FREE business plannning resources

We have a toolkit ready for you to get started with your co‑op. The Hive website is packed with step-by-step guides and resources to work through the process of business planning and setting-up and registering a co‑op.

Apply to get direct support

  • Apply for direct one-to-one advice to help you in the early stages of setting up your co-ops, including registration.
  • Apply to get matched to a peer mentor scheme, someone who has been through the process of setting up a co-operative and can give moral support, help with ideas-generation and act as a sounding board.

FREE ‘Is a co‑op right for you?’ events

If you’re at the ‘ideas’ stage, or have your idea in place but aren’t sure whether it would work as a co-op, then our FREE 'Is a co‑op right for you?' workshops are perfect for you. They’re also for anyone looking to learn more about co-ops. Find your nearerst workshop…

Join The Hive online community

The online community is a space for new and existing co‑ops to ask questions, provide advice and discuss ideas with peers. Join The Hive online community...