Guide: Our governance

The Co-operative Governance Expert Reference Panel

The Co-operative Governance Expert Reference Panel was set up in response to our members identifying a need for an independent and authoritative voice in the co-op sector for best practice in governance.

What is the Panel?

  • Led and facilitated by Co‑operatives UK and made up of experts with proven experience in governance leadership and/or innovation covering businesses of different size, complexity and risk profile.
  • Ensures a dialogue between UK leaders in the field of governance by bringing experts together to identify and recommend innovation and best practice.
  • Provides leadership to the co-operative sector by setting governance standards for co-operatives, encouraging innovation, active challenge and debate.
  • Sets a framework that enables the co-operative sector to take ownership of its compliance with governance standards.

How will the Panel benefit my co-op?

The Panel is intended to be an independent and authoritative voice on governance for the co-op sector and will respond to input from the co-op sector. To date it has created a number of resources and guides on good governance, situated on The Hive – a website and support programme for co-ops delivered by Co-operatives UK in partnership with The Co-operative Bank:

  • The ‘Elements of Governance' Wheel: Depicting the areas of governance that should be in place within a thriving co-operative business.
  • Directors Toolkit: A comprehensive series of resources for inducting directors onto a co-operative board.
  • Make up of the board: A short film and guidance notes to help co-ops consider the different routes open to them when recruiting directors to a board. View resources.
  • Board behaviours in co-operatives: A practical guide to help your co-op understand boardroom behaviours and access five top tips for working with your board to improve its dynamic. View resource.
  • A statement on the Role of the Board: Produced to fill the gap for a clear, authoritative and concise statement about the Board’s role in a co-operative.

View these resources and more over on The Hive.

Who is on the Panel?

The Co-operative Governance Expert Reference Panel is:

  • Nick Money (Chair), Nick Money Ltd
  • Edward Parker, Midcounties Co-operative
  • Jane Powell, Lincolnshire Co-operative
  • Angela Lomax, David Tolson Partnership
  • Ross Hodgson, Suma Wholefoods
  • Emma Laycock, Co-operatives UK
  • Mark Simmonds, Co-op Culture
  • David Alcock, Anthony Collins Solicitors