Guide: Our governance

Strategic members' groups

Co-operatives UK leads and facilitates a number of strategic members’ groups that shape the direction of the co-operative sector on key issues.

  • The Worker Co-operative Council shapes strategic priorities for worker co-operative and employee-owned members of Co-operatives UK, and acts as a sounding board on important issues. Worker co-operatives elect members to the Council, and two representatives from the Council are elected to the main Board of Co-operatives UK.
  • The Co-operative Governance Expert Reference Panel, set up in response to our members identifying a need for an independent and authoritative voice in the co-op sector for best practice in governance.
  • The Co-operative Performance Committee is an advisory panel of experts in the field of co-operative accounting practice and performance. It works to identify and provide guidance on important strategic issues for the co-operative sector.
  • The Co-operative Development Forum enables organisations that provide business support to share best practice on co-operative development, as well providing guidance on upcoming issues.
  • Supported by Co-operatives UK, Regional Co-operative Councils help connect and promote co-operatives in regions and devolved nations across the UK.
  • Members' Money

Want to get involved? 

If you'd like to know more about any of our member groups, or interested in starting your own, please get in touch.