Guide: Our governance

Our Rules

As a co-operative, the co-operative values and principles are enshrined in how we operate. Our Rulebook provides the foundations of our governance practices and is supported by our standing orders and other procedures.

These are the rules that govern what Co-operatives UK does, how it does it and the relationship we have with our members... and that our members have with us.

A resolution to adopt a revised and updated Rulebook was passed at thee 2020 AGM.  You can find details of the new Rulebook here. We are currently awaiting confirmation that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has filed our new Rulebook.

To become a member your co‑operative must support the purpose and objects of Co‑operatives UK and agree to accept and abide by the Rules of the Society. To view a copy of our rules, download them from here, or you can telephone 0161 2141750 to request a paper copy.