Guide: Our governance


Could you make a real difference at Co‑operatives UK? Have you got the passion, skills and commitment we need to help drive the co‑operative sector forward? We need talented candidates who will add their own unique skills to our Board of Directors.

Each year we are on the look out for talented candidates who will add their own unique skills to Co‑operatives UK's Board of Directors. This is the opportunity for your organisation to nominate an individual to stand for election. If you have someone passionate about co‑operatives with the skills and knowledge to make a positive impact, your candidate could be just the person we need.

The 2020 election cycle is now underway and we are inviting nominations from the following categories:

  • Enterprise owned co‑operatives
  • Mixed ownership co‑operatives
  • Retail consumer co‑operatives
  • Worker Co‑op Council

Download nomination forms and supporting information here. The deadline for completing nomination forms is 14 April 2020. For any questions or clarifications, please contact [email protected]. Please note, you will be asked to complete and sign your nomination form using an Adobe online form. Please download these instructions if you need assistance with this. 

Co‑operatives UK's Board of Directors is elected by and from the members on a rolling three year cycle. Democracy is the lifeblood of co‑operatives and we want as many of our members as possible to get involved in the election process, either standing as candidates, nominating candidates or voting for candidates.

There is no identikit for the perfect director. In fact, we want a real balance of skills and personalities to help take Co‑operatives UK – and the wider sector – forward.

The Board is drawn from different constituencies of members to provide a balance of experience and knowledge across the spectrum of membership. Our elections take place in the run up to our annual general meeting (AGM) and we operate a three year cycle for serving directors. The cycles are staggered so there is at least one board election each year. 

Click here or view the 'related resources' sidebar on the right of your screen for information and guidelines on the election process. 

Please ensure you read the guidance notes provided with the nominations form to ensure you meet each of the eligibility criteria before putting yourself forward for election to the Board.