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Worker Co-op Council

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The Worker Co-operative Council shapes strategic priorities for worker co-operative and employee owned members of Co-operatives UK and acts as a sounding board on important issues.

Who are the Worker Co-op Council members?

The Council is one of our member groups and meets four times a year and is elected by and from worker co-op members. The Council in turn nominates two representatives to the Board of Co-operatives UK. Members of the Council are:

  • Cath Muller – Footprint workers co-ops  (elected to Board of Directors)
  • Ross Hodgson – Suma (elected to Board of Directors)
  • Mike Rudge – Delta-T Devices
  • Debbie Clarke – Unicorn Grocery
  • Sion Whellens – Calverts
  • Finn Lewis – Agile Collective
  • Leigh Galletly – Green City


The 2022 election cycle for the Worker Co-op Council is underway with three seats available and four candidates vying for those seats. Our worker co-op members have been asked to vote for up to three candidates before the election closes on 1 June 2022. Contact John Atherton ([email protected]) with any queries.

Worker Co-op Code

The Worker Co-operative Code sets out what members of a worker co-operative should expect and work together to achieve.

It has been created by the Worker Co-op Council to help people create and defend decent jobs, with a culture of equality and respect at work, where people benefit fairly from their own labour and take collective control of their working lives.

Have your say

We have vibrant groups on Facebook and Loomio for worker co-op news and discussion.

Future council member?

Get in touch if you're interested in standing for election to the Worker Co-op Council.
Join us and help promote co-ops and decent work
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