Improving the Companies House definition of a co-operative

By law companies can only use the word "co-operative" in their name if they can satisfy Companies House that they meet certain criteria. While this is a very useful regulatory protection for the co-operative identity in the UK, the current definition of a co-operative used by Companies House needs to be improved.  

Separately, we are also looking for legislative opportunities to expand this regulatory protection to cover variations such as "co-op" and "cooperative".

Read the Companies House critiera here

We intend to write to Companies House asking that it change its co-operative definition to draw more directly on the International Co-operative Alliance’s ‘Statement on the Co-operative Identity’ and to align with the updated policy of the registrar of co-operative societies, the Financial Conduct Authority.

This request will carry more weight if it comes with the support of more co-operatives. If you would like to sign up in support of the letter please do so using the online form below before Friday 31 August 2018. You will be added to the list of signatories in the copy of the letter we send to Companies House.

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