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#CoopStories: Investing in a better future and transforming lives in disadvantaged areas

When Githunguri Dairy Farmers’ Co-operative in Kenya sought £1.3 million to set up a processing plant for 31 dairy farmers and 200 employees – with £0 return in the short term – investors backed off. But Oikocredit not only saw long-term financial potential and also put huge emphasis on the potential social impact.

Established in 1975, Oikocredit invests in more than 800 social enterprise partners and co-operatives across the world. The co-operative prioritises inclusive finance, agriculture, renewable energy and infrastructure sectors to reach the most disadvantaged communities in the world. And as with many so-called risky ventures that Oikocredit supports, the belief in Githunguri Co-operative paid off. 

Today, the co-operative has 15,000 members and employs 8,000 people across its entire value chain. Githunguri Co-operative produces 220,000 litres of milk each year and in 2015 reported a turnover of £46m.

Monica Middleton, National Director, Oikocredit UK and Ireland said: “It takes experience: taking risks, making mistakes, but learning from those mistakes. It also requires us to look beyond the obvious and take a long-term view.

"We first consider the social mission within our investment decision-making, thereafter weighing up the risks in the context of the longer-term potential.”

And backing that longer-term potential has transformed the lives of those connected to Githunguri, including the farmer members, their families, the employees and other businesses and individuals in the supply chain. 

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Written by Dominic Mills
Updated: 30/06/2017