Press release

Co-operatives UK launches annual member survey

All members of Co-operatives UK are invite to complete the apex body's annual survey.

The survey, which takes just five minutes to complete, covers numerous aspects of Co-operatives UK's work, from policy and advice to training and campaigning. The results of the survey go before the Manchester-based organisation's board and directly influence future activities.

Co-operatives Uk Membership Manager, John Atherton, said: "The more responses we get the better. It's a really easy way for our members to say 'Look, we need this specific type of training' or 'you need to do more work in this area'.

"It's great to hear the nice things as well, but this is all about changing how we work to better serve our members' needs."

Respondents who complete the survey will be entered into a prize draw to win tickets for one of our main events or up to £100 off next year's membership fee. Take the survey here.