Join in

For Co-operatives Fortnight 2017 – from 17 June to 1 July – we encouraged people across the country to share stories of how co-operating, working together, has made a difference.

As Co-operatoves Fortnight 2017 has now concluded the below information - detailing how people could take part in last year's campaign - is for information only.

It could be anything, from people working together to clean up a local canal towpath to a group of villagers clubbing together to keep their local pub going to a local film club run together by volunteers. We’ll simply be asking people to share their story or picture on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #coopstories.

Together we planned to create a wealth of stories to inspire people to think differently.

“The world doesn’t feel in great shape right now and the very idea of the Co-op – an idea that my mum and my gran grew up with in Nottingham – feels dead right and more relevant than ever.”  Bafta award winning film-maker Shane Meadows

In the run up to Co-operatives Fortnight you can help by spreading word

  • Ask your staff, members, customers and friends, to share their stories of co-operation during Co-operatives Fortnight.
  • Use the resources, such as images, messages and toolkits to bring the idea alive for them
  • Promote and celebrate people’s stories of co-operation by sharing them as widely as possible 

During Co-operatives Fortnight you can share stories of co-operation

  • Post stories of co-operation on social media - Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will all do the job
  • Use the hashtag #coopstories so they automatically feed into a UK-wide website packed with inspiring stories
  • Share your own and others’ stories of co-operation with your networks, and ask them to post their own

Resources to help

We have a range of resources to help you build awareness of Co-operatives Fortnight and encourage staff, members, customers and friends to take part: