Guide: Our governance

Co-operatives UK AGM, 30 June

Co‑operatives UK's Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the primary way in which our member organisations participate in the democracy of Co‑operatives UK. Our AGM in 2017 will be held at Unity Works, Wakefield on Friday 30 June, just before the start of Co‑operative Congress.

How can members influence Co-operatives UK’s work?

Co-operatives UK unites a network of thousands of businesses. As a co‑operative owned and controlled by you, our members, we want you to shape what Co-operatives UK does for the movement. Our AGM is open to all Co‑operatives UK members. Issues discussed by delegates and the priorities identified will be taken to Co operatives UK’s strategic review group. The agenda in 2016, alongside detailed voting and venue information can be viewed online and downloaded here

Voting at the AGM

Co-operatives UK welcomes anyone to attend and observe the Annual General Meeting. Voting cards are distributed in advance to the secretaries of all member organisations that attended the previous year’s AGM. Other members will be able to register their attendance and collect their voting card on the day.

As a representative of a member organisation, you will be required to submit the first tear-off section of your voting card to register your attendance.

The member organisation is entitled to appoint any individual to represent it at the Annual General Meeting of Co‑operatives UK. Votes will be taken on a show of hands (voting cards) unless a ballot is required, in which case the voting slips on your card will be used and instructions given by the Chair of Co-operatives UK.

To discover more about our work read our member guide Together and our Annual Report 2015.