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EU Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan - CECOP Statement

Co-operatives UK is supporting lobbying efforts by CECOP - The European Confederation of Worker Cooperatives, Social Cooperatives and Social and Participative Enterprises to recognise the importance of co-operatives in the EU’s Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan being discussed at the Competitiveness Council today.


Throughout the last five years, Co-operatives have continued to grow in the UK and Europe despite the general economic slowdown and have proved to be a very resilient model.

Resilience and co-operation in Europe

At the start of Co-operatives Week in Brussels, Rodrigo Gouveia, Secretary General of Euro Coop, explains to Co-operatives UK why co-operatives are resilient during times of crisis and how they can help rebuild the European economy.

Cooperative Buying Groups: The EROSKI Experience (Slides)

Agustín Markaide, CEO of the Eroski Group Mondragón Corporation, tells the National Retail Consumer Conference 2012 about the experience of co-operative buying groups in Europe.

Consumer co-operatives in Europe: overview (Slides)

Rodrigo Gouveia, Secretary-General of EuroCoop, gives the National Retail Consumer Conference 2012 an overview of consumer co-operation in Europe.

Event gets a taste of European co-operation

Attendees at the National Retail Consumer Conference (NRCC) in February 2012 are being given the opportunity to hear about consumer co-operation in Europe.

On the Sunday, the "Consumer Retailing in Europe" panel will let attendees put their questions to four of the key players in the European movement.


Internship opportunity in Brussels

An exciting internship opportunity for a graduate, based in Brussels has been advertised by Co-operatives Europe.

The Co-operative Movement as a practical force for progress

Listen to the second Co-operative Debate at Co-operatives 2010, proposed by The Co-operative Group Wales/Cymru Region, and read the original debate proposal.

The Role of Co-operatives in the European Social Dialogue

Outcomes of the Social Partner Program (SPP) - December 2007.

A report from Co-operatives Europe evaluating its representativeness and the role of its member organizations in the social dialogue in the different EU countries. This fed into its strategic objectives for 2007-2010.

Legal, regulatory and tax barriers: a comparative study

A summary of recommendations for governments, policymakers and social entrepreneurs in Brazil, Germany, India, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States, presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, January 2006.

Linklaters - with the assistance of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship (“Schwab”) and various Schwab “fellows” around the world - prepared this Report which analyses (and makes recommendations in respect of) various legal, regulatory and taxation issues relating to social entrepreneurship in six selected countries across a broad geographical and economic spectrum.

Employee Buyouts 20 European Case Studies

A compilation of case studies gathered as an international project between four federations of worker co-operatives (ICOM in the UK, Federlavoro e Servizi of Italy and FCTAC and FVECTA of Spain. Published in 1992.


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