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Big Lottery Fund announces additional £4m funding for communities through Village SOS

Rural villages across the UK are being offered grants of up to £50,000 to breathe new life into their areas as part of a £4m Lottery funding pot.

Move Your Money Month highlights

Relive the start of the Move Your Money campaign with the highlights, media coverage, and social media activity from Move Your Money Month.


Students lead the way when it comes to sharing

As new research shows that almost double the number of full time students buy in bulk co-operatively compared to people who have retired, a new £60k community buying innovation challenge is encouraging more people to combine their buying power.

Green Money seminar - presentations (updated)

Two presentation by David Boyle and Prof. Dr. Margrit Kennedy, part of a seminar on 'green money', co-hosted by Co-operatives UK on the February 13th 2012. These presentations form part of a debate at the event on the creation and use of local currencies.

Your Listing on the The Co-operate App

Coming soon Co-operate Smartphone Application, 19th June 2012

Food we can trust

I am chairing the ‘Making Local Food Work’ Conference, with some hundreds of producers coming together. I think the last big food event I did was somewhat different – when I was invited to be a judge in the prestigious Product of the Year contest for the food industry. There were entries from every major food company and the experience was pretty awful.

Creatively co-operative

We've selected a few of our favourite co-operative videos to illustrate the creativity and talent of co-operators across the globe; celebrating co-operative values and principles, the UN 2012 International Year of Co-operatives, and the advantages of Credit Unions.

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Upcoming events

Spring has arrived, and Co-operatives UK are delighted to introduce three events for you to attend throughout March to help celebrate the UN 2012 International Year of Co-operatives. 

It’s co-operation stupid

Charles Leadbeater, argues that evidence now shows that it is our capacity for co-operation - not competition - that is at the heart of evolutionary and economic success.


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