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UK co-operative sector launches countdown to 2012

Co-operatives UK and The Co-operative Group have revealed plans to mark 2012, the International Year of Co-operatives, as the sector begins the countdown to the celebrations 100 days ahead of the year.

The Co-operative Enterprise Hub

Watch or download the slides from the Co-operative Enterprise Hub's presentation at the Co-operative Congress 2011.

Peter Marks: Sharing our profits

On the eve of Co-operatives Fortnight, Peter Marks, Group Chief Executive of The Co-operative Group - the world's largest consumer owned co-operative - provides the first of 14 guest blogs.

14 guest bloggers for Co-operatives Fortnight

For each day of Co-operatives Fortnight 2011, we'll be having a guest blog from a thinker or business leader on issues related to the 14 facts about co-operatives.

We're very pleased that Peter Marks, Group Chief Executive of The Co-operative Group, will kick off the series of blogs tomorrow, Friday 24 June.

New report explores options for Post Office mutualisation

A government commissioned report by Co-operatives UK has been published, exploring the options for transferring Post Office Ltd from government ownership into a mutual run for the public benefit.

New community renewable energy initiative launches

The Co-operative Group and Co-operatives UK are joining forces to support the development of community renewable energy in the UK.

The action research project, Community Energy: co-operative solutions will address the urgent need to understand how to support new co-operative and community-owned initiatives.

Peter Marks talks co-ops at the NRCC

Peter Marks has opened the 2011 National Retail Co-operative Conference (NRCC) five years on from his "single society" speech.

He has saluted the progress that all societies have made in those last five years.


The Co-operative Group pledges to get even Greener Together

The Co-operative Group, one of the top two "greenest" supermarkets in the UK, has gone one step further to reduce its carbon emissions by signing up to a green initiative.

Join the revolution with the Co-operative Group

If you haven't already done so, then Join the Revolution today and support an initiative from the Co-operative Group to help demonstrate the pioneering impact co-operation can have.

Continued progress for The Co-operative Group

Our largest member has posted its interim results showing more strong performance. Group Chief Executive Peter Marks said:

"Over the last three years The Co-operative Group has been transformed, underlining the strength of our ownership model which allows us to invest in the long-term interests of our members."


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