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The co-operative sector is in good health. While it has undoubtedly been an awful year for the UK’s largest consumer co-operative, The Co-operative Group, away from this one business, the wider co-operative economy has proved dynamic and resilient. Up and down the country, more than 6,000 co-operative enterprises are operating healthy and sustainable businesses, trading ahead of the economy at large. As the nation continues on the path towards financial recovery, the co-operative sector has well and truly played its part, contributing in excess of £37 billion to the economy. It is noteworthy that there are more member owners of co-ops, over 15 million, than there are direct shareholders of businesses in the UK. This is the competitive advantage of the co-operative model. By sharing ownership, you give those involved in the business a share in its success.  Read More »

Welcome to our annual report for 2013, a year in which Co-operatives UK has continued to promote, develop and unite the co-operative movement. Read More »

Co-operative enterprises across the UK represent a homegrown economy, one which is providing enduring solutions to the economic and social challenges of today’s society. Founded on principles of shared ownership, shared voice and shared profits, it is an economy driven, not by the need to reward financially a few shareholders or to escape to a tax haven, but by the will to broaden control to many, and harness participation at every stage. Our homegrown, co-operative economy is independent, owned and controlled by the members within it and local, loved and trusted by all those who form part of it. If you would like to enter your co-operatives key economic data for future economy reports please click here. Read More »

Co-operatives Uk have released their annual report for 2012, detailing their work and financial health. Read More »

Everything Co-operatives UK does has as its objective increased benefit for our members. This report sets out the impact that Co-operatives UK achieves for its members. Read More »

Owned and controlled by members and not shareholders, more than 5,900 co-operative businesses in the UK contribute £35.6bn to the UK economy and operate across all business sectors. Read More »

Co-operatives UK has released its Annual Report, detailing the governance and finances of the organisation at the close of 2011. Download your copy here. Read More »

Co-operatives UK have released their report of the impact achieved with our members, for our members over 2011. "The impact that we have is evidence of the power of co-operation. Every achievement set out here owes its success to effective collaboration with our members and partners." Read More »

Co-operatives UK Interim Report 2011, detailing the organisation's financial position at the 2011 half year. Read More »

The UK co-operative economy 2011 offers a unique assessment of a growing sector – which, because it is mutually-owned rather than stock market listed, traditionally tends to be neglected by market analysts and the financial press. Drawing on published accounts for co-operatives, the conclusion is clear: the UK is beginning to co-operate once again.   Read More »


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